Saturday, February 4, 2017

Invocatory Verses-11


This verse refers to Krishna bringing Parijata tree to please his consort Satyabhama:
ओआहिअमहिवेढो जेण परूढगुणमूलतद्धत्थामो ।
उम्मूलन्तेण दुमं पारोहो व्व खुडिऒ महेन्दस्स जसो ॥ १३ ॥
(अवगाहितमहीवेष्टं येन प्ररूढगुणमूललब्धस्थाम ।
उन्मूलयता द्रुमं प्ररोह इव खण्डितं महेन्द्रस्य यशः ॥)
(You all bow to) Krishna, by whose action of up rooting the (Parijata) tree (for pleasing Satyabhama), the fame of Indra, which had surrounded the earth and whose stability was obtained by his practicing good qualities, was also torn asunder in the manner the roots of the tree were torn asunder. [Pravarasena, setubandham]
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  1. Sir, please give me details about the sholka.does the prakrita style mentioned here which type of rasa? Another thing it seems this sholka is a similar with bhagabatam . can u provide some more info about that Sir.
    Sasraddham avibadayae,

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