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Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello to all

I propose to put out Sanskrit text of generally lesser known works in Sanskrit literature along with a simple rendering in English. It will not be a literal translation. I plan to run a few works concurrently over a period of time. Each post will generally carry one or two verses of a work.
GSS Murthy

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  1. Dear Mr.Murthy,

    Hope you are doing well. I came across your blog from sanskritdocuments’ website. I’d learnt in school and then forgot all about it. I’d love to learn to speak, read, understand and analyze Sanskrit in the proper way – from a teacher. But, I am not aware of anyone in Bangalore. I was looking for a personalized learning. Not a class room format. The reason being – am interested in learning about our scriptures related to medicine, plants, science, logic and grammar. Not really interested in the religious/ philosophical stuff. Atleast not currently. The point is – most of the classes i have seen in Bombay , Madras are all about the shlokas and religious stuff. Can you help me out by pointing out to a Guru in Bangalore? If I do find one by myself, how do i express whatever i have said to him/her? The older folks get offended if i tell them i am not interested in religious stuff etc. please do email me

    Take care and dHanyavAda