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Friday, December 9, 2011

Subhashita kaustubha (86-90)

सुभाषितकौस्तुभः (८६-९०)
सूक्ष्मीभूय स्वयमपि परानन्ददश्चन्दनद्रुः
धेनुर्दत्ते रसमनुदिनं दत्तघासानुरूपम् ।
हत्वा मातॄरुदयमयते हा स्वयं वृश्चिकादिः
मृत्वाप्यन्नं वमयति नृणां मक्षिका कुक्षिगापि ॥ ८६ ॥
Sandal trees give pleasure to others even at the cost of themselves going to pieces. Cows give milk daily according to the feed given to them. Scorpion and similar creatures come to life by killing their own mothers. Flies-even dead ones- cause men to vomit food when they are ingested. [Good persons will be good under all circumstances while bad persons will be bad under all circumstances.] 

तेजस्वी पुरुषो दवीयसि जनेऽप्येकान्ततः स्वाश्रिते
निष्प्रत्यूहमनुग्रहं वितनुते नेदीयसीव स्वयम् ।
बिम्बस्थायिमुकुन्दनाभिनलिनश्रेयस्करो भास्करो
दातुं किं न दवीयसेऽपि कुशलं कञ्जाय संजायते ॥ ८७ ॥
A noble person diligently bestows benevolence with no hindrance to a supplicant person who is far away just as to a person who is near by. Does not the sun who is propitious to the lotus which is in the navel of Vishnu who stays in his orb also take care of the lotus which is far away? [Vishnu is supposed to be (सवितृमण्डलमध्यवर्ती) at the center of Sun’s orb.]  

दृष्टोच्छ्रायं द्विज विपुलया तृष्णया धृष्णुरेनं
भूभृत्पाशं जिगमिषसि किं कण्टकैर्दुष्प्रवेशम् ।
आसेवेथा यदि च कठिनं हन्त लुब्धावृतं तं
प्रायः कृत्वा श्रममुरुतरं प्रस्थमात्रं लभेथाः ॥ ८८ ॥
O bird [द्विज], having seen its height, with a lot of desire and boldness you want to go up this wretched mountain [भूभृत्पाश] which is full of thorns and difficult to enter. Why so? With a lot of effort even if you go to that mountain which is surrounded by hunters [लुब्धक] you will only reach a plateau [प्रस्थ]. [ Due to certain words having two meanings another meaning reveals itself as follows: O Brahmin (द्विज), why do you want to go to this wretched king (भूभृत्पाश) who is surrounded by avaricious persons (लुब्धक)? Even if you go to him you will only get a pittance. ( प्रस्थ is a measure.) ]   

संचारान् कुरुते सुराध्वनि रविर्जाता नरानां जरा
मुष्णन्ति प्रसभं मनांसि विषया बन्धः पुनः प्राणिनाम् ।
स्नेहः स्त्रीतनयादिकेषु निहितस्तृष्णाग्निरुद्दीप्यते
हित्वा वस्तु निमित्तवत्कथमभूदन्यत्र नैमित्तिकम् ॥ ८९ ॥
It is the sun who travels along the sky and it is men who get old! Worldly attractions steal the minds and the living beings get caught! Attachment (स्नेह=oil) is to ones women and children, but the fire of greed is lit up! How is it that effect is felt by something different from the object that was the cause?

अभिया चेदभियाचेच्चपलो नृपलोकमनिपुणः कृपणम् ।
अत्रपचेता नो चेदत्र पचेतापि कुक्षिपर्याप्तम् ॥ ९० ॥
If an unskilled fickle minded person begs before a miserly king he is certainly a person with no shame. If he does not do that he would hardly fill his belly! [What the poet suggests is that a decent person with self respect will not go to a worthless king even if he has to go hungry. Note the use of यमक in the verse; repetition of भियाचे, त्रपचेता. ]  
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