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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Invocatory Verses-10


The poet refers to the exploit of Krishna killing a demon in the form of a bull.
पीणत्तणदुग्गेज्झां जस्स भुआ‍अन्तणिट्ठुरपरिग्गहिअम् ।
रिट्ठस्स विसमवलिअं कण्ठं दुःखेण जीविअं बोलीणम् ॥ १२ ॥
[ पीनत्वदुर्ग्राह्यं यस्य भुजान्तनिष्ठुरपरिगृहीतम् ।
अरिष्टस्य विषमवलितं कण्ठं दुःखेन जीवितं व्यतिक्रान्तम् ॥]
अ : यस्य भुजान्त-निष्टुर-परिगृहीतम् अरिष्टस्य पीनत्व-दुर्ग्राह्यं विषम-वलितं कण्ठं दुःखेन जीवितं व्यतिक्रान्तं (तं नमत) ।
(You all bow to) Krishna who held between his shoulders the neck of the bull-demon with great difficulty because of its girth while the life of the demon ebbed away with considerable pain.
 [ This verse also acts as an adjectival clause qualifying Madhumathana in verse 8.] [Pravarasena; setubandham]
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