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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Varadarajastava of Sri. Appayyadikshhita- 35


साम्यभ्रमादविनयेन समुन्नतस्य
सव्यं तवाक्षि हरति श्रियमम्बुजस्य ।
तस्यापि तां समधिकाम् तनुते यदन्यत्
दाक्षिण्यमेव दनुजाहित तत्र मूलम् ॥ १०२ ॥
अ : दनुजाहित ! तव सव्यं अक्षि अविनयेन समुन्नतस्य अम्बुजस्य श्रियं हरति । अन्यत् (अक्षि) तस्य अपि तां समधिकां तनुते (इति) यत् तत्र दाक्षिण्यम् एव मूलम् ।
O one who is unfriendly to daanava’s ! your  left eye robs the lustre of the lotus which is proud and discourteous. If the right eye bestows a higher status to the lotus, it is because it is kind towards it.
Notes: The poet plays on the word “daakshinya” which means “ rightsidedness” and also “being kind”.

पद्मानुरागजुषि लोहितकृष्णशुक्लाम्
आसेदुषि प्रकृतिमादृतमीनरूपे ।
श्रुत्यन्तभासिनि मदावलशैलनाथ
त्वल्लोचने त्वयि च भाति न मे विशेषः ॥ १०३ ॥
अ : मदावल-शैल-नाथ ! पद्म-अनुराग-जुषि लोहित-कृष्ण-शुक्लां प्रकृतिम् आसेदुषि आदृत-मीन-रूपे श्रुति-अन्त-भासिनि त्वत्-लोचने त्वयि च विशेषः मे न भाति ।
Lord of Hastishaila ! I do not see any difference between you and your eye. Your eye has the redness of a lotus, is red, black and white by nature, has the appearance of a fish and shines right up to the ear. You are dear to Lakshmi, you are described as red,black and white (in the Vedas), you took the form of a fish and you are seen as the ultimate goal of the Vedas.
Notes: The poet cleverly uses words with double meanings to bring out the apparent similarity between the Lord and his eye.
मुक्तः प्रजापतिरयं मम दर्शनादि-
त्यन्यं विधातुमनसस्तव भालजाता ।
घर्माम्बुबिन्दुततिरेव किरीटमूल-
-प्रत्युप्तमौक्तिकततिच्छलतो विभाति ॥ १०४ ॥
अ : अयं प्रजापतिः मम दर्शनात् मुक्तः इति अन्यं विधातुमनसः तव भाल-जाता घर्म-अम्बु-ततिः एव किरीट-मूल-मौक्तिक-तति-छलतः विभाति ।
The group of sweat drops on your temple seems to be in the garb of the group of gems at the bottom of your crown. It looks as if you generated the sweat drops with an intention to create another Brahma as Brahma attained salvation by looking at you.
Notes: The verse alludes to a story in Mahopanishat, wherein it is said that Brahma was born out of the sweat drops of Vishnu when he was meditating. It is also said that Brahma worshipped Vishnu through a horse sacrifice and Vishnu appeared at the end of the sacrifice when Brahma got salvation.

राजन्त्यनर्घमणिसङ्घमये किरीटे
राजीवलोचन न नीलमणिप्रवेकाः ।
आघ्राय गन्धमलिनस्तव कुन्तलानाम्
अन्तः प्रवेष्टुमनसः परितो निलीनाः ॥ १०५ ॥
अ : राजीवलोचन ! अनर्घ-मणि-सङ्घ-मये किरीटे नील-मणि-प्रवेकाः न राजन्ति । अलिनः तव कुन्तलानां गन्धम् आघ्राय अन्तः-प्रवेष्टु-मनसः परितः निलीनाः ।
 Lotus-eyed Lord ! the choicest of sapphire gems on your crown which is made up of a cluster of precious gems do not shine. Bees are swarming around your lock of hair intending to enter it after smelling its fragrance.

मानन्दवृन्दलसितं सुदृशामसीमम् ।
अन्तर्मम स्फुरतु सन्ततमन्तरात्मन्
अम्भोजलोचन तव श्रितहस्तिशैलम् ॥ १०६ ॥
अ: अन्तरात्मन् अम्भोजलोचन ! तव श्रित-हस्ति-शैलम् आपादम् आचिकुरम् अशेषम् सुदृशाम् असीमम् आनन्द-वृन्द-लसितं अङ्गम् मम अन्तः सततं स्फुरतु ।
O Lotus-eyed Lord who resides in one’s mind ! May your entire form from head to foot, residing at Hastishaila, which is accessible to ladies and realized souls and which is brimming with ultimate joy shine in my mind all the time.

इति श्री अप्पय्यदीक्षितरचितः वरदराजस्तवः समाप्तः
( Thus ends the hymn on Vardaraja composed by Sri. Appayyadikshita)
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