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Monday, September 5, 2011

Gangalahari (43-45)

गङ्गालहरी (४३-४५)

हसन्तः सोल्लासं विकचकुसुमव्रातमिषतः ।
पुनानाः सौरभ्यैः सततमलिनो नित्यमलिनान्
सखायो नः सन्तु त्रिदशतटिनीतीरतरवः ॥ ४३ ॥
The trees on the banks of Ganga, the divine river, with their bunches of blossoms seem to be laughing merrily at the foolish people who are engrossed in their own world. May the trees with their fragrance which all the time sanctify the bees which are ever black be our friends. [ A naughty thought! Did the poet suffer a temporary lack of ideas?]   

भजन्त्येके देवान् कठिनतरसेवांस्तदपरे
वितानव्यासक्ता यमनियमरक्ताः कतिपये ।
अहं तु त्वन्नामस्मरणहितकामस्त्रिपथगे
जगज्जालं जाने जननि तृणजालेन सदृशम् ॥ ४४ ॥
Some seek Gods, others seek difficult services, others sacrifices, yet others indulge in observance of penance and meditation. But, O Divine river, I like the comfort of mentally repeating your name. Mother, I treat this web of worldly life as worthless as straw.

अविश्रान्तं जन्मावधि सुकृतकर्मार्जनकृताम्
सतां श्रेयः कर्तुं कति न कृतिनः सन्ति विबुधाः ।
निरस्तालम्बानामकृतसुकृतानां तु भवतीम्
विनामुष्मिन् लोके न परमवलोके हितकरम् ॥ ४५ ॥
There are any number of the blessed and the learned who do good to those who are tirelessly earning virtuous acts right from their birth. But I do not see anyone in this world other than you who could benefit those who are devoid of support and who have not done any virtuous act.
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