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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Subhashita-kaustubha (10-12)

सुभाषितकौस्तुभः (१०-१२)
नासौ युष्मद्विहृतिसमयो मानसं यात हंसाः
जृम्भन्तेऽमी ननु जलधराश्छादिताशास्तमोभिः ।
पुष्णन्त्येतान् कटु विरटतस्ते बकानेव नास्मिन्
काले दीप्त्यै कलरवकलाकौशलं पेशलं वः ॥ १० ॥
O swans, this is not the time for you for recreation. You go to Manas lake. Having enveloped with darkness in all directions these clouds are spreading out. During this time only the ducks which cackle horribly thrive. Your skill in making pleasant sound does not shine. (The poet is indirectly advising a person who is trying to display his talents at an inopportune time. We have a series of अन्योक्ति’s)

हा कष्टं परपुष्ट सिन्धुतटभूतालीवनान्तर्गतम्
माकन्दं ध्रुवमङ्ग दुष्कृतपरीपाकादुपागाद् भवान् ।
लोलत्तालदलध्वनिद्विगुणितैरब्धेः कठोरारवैः
सारल्यादभिभूत एति यदसौ नोदञ्चनं पञ्चमः ॥ ११ ॥
Dear cuckoo, due to your bad destiny you have gone to a mango tree which is amidst palm trees by the sea. Your panchama note does not gain recognition having been defeated by the terrible rumblings of the sea combined with the sound of swaying palm trees. (The poet refers to the plight of a talented person in the wrong place.)

मानार्हं कुसुमकुलेषु कैतकं तत्
प्रायेण प्रथितविवेकमेकमेव ।
बिभ्राणां न भजति धूर्जटेर्जटां यत् ॥ १२ ॥
Among the flowers perhaps ketaka flower is the only one which can discriminate and therefore worthy of respect. Because it does not find a place in the matted locks of Siva, which carries the dhattura flower along with the white flowers of the kalpataru, the divine tree. (The reference is to the practice of not offering ketaka [generally called taaley,taalam in South Indian languages] to Siva although dhattura [white thorn apple] flower is offered. Dhattura is considered a lowly plant whose seeds are supposed to be poisonous. We need to bear in mind that Venkatadhvari is a srivaishnava! The poet applauds a person who refuses to mingle with the lowly.)
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