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Monday, September 12, 2011

Gangalahari (49-52) END

गङ्गालहरी (४९-५२)
भवज्वलनभर्जिताननिशमूर्जयन्ती नरान् ।
विवेकमयचन्द्रिकाचयचमत्कृतिं तन्वती
तनोतु मम शं तनोः सपदि शन्तनोरङ्गना ॥ ४९ ॥
Giving life to those who are constantly fried by the fire of worldly affairs with the ambrosia of the flood of lustre of her smiling face, may Ganga, consort of Santanu, provide solace to my body by the charm of moonlight-like true knowledge.

मंत्रैर्मीलितमौषधैर्मुकुलितं त्रस्तं सुराणां गणैः
स्रस्तं सान्द्रसुधारसैर्विदलितं गारुत्मतैर्ग्रावभिः ।
वीचिक्षालितकालियाहितपदे स्वर्लोककल्लोलिनि
त्वं तापं निरयाधुना मम भवव्यालावलीढात्मनः ॥ ५० ॥
O Divine river, your feet has been felt by Kaliya who was washed by your waves. Now remove the distress of my soul which has been bitten(tasted) by the serpent of worldly indulgence which has not been amenable to chants, medicines, assemblies of divinities, dense ambrosia and stone-charms of Garutman. (Translation conveys the gist only. Literal translation is not likely to be helpful.)  

द्यूते नागेन्द्रकृत्तिप्रमथगणमणिश्रेणिनन्दीन्दुमुख्यं
सर्वस्वं हारयित्वा स्वमथपुरभिदि द्राक्पणीकर्तुकामे ।
साकूतं हैमवत्या मृदुलहसितया वीक्षितायास्तवाम्ब
व्यालोलोल्लासिवल्गल्लहरिनटघटीताण्डवं नः पुनातु ॥ ५१ ॥
Mother, while Siva and Parvati played with dice, Siva having lost as wager the snake, his elephant hide, his retinue of pramathas, the bull, the moon and all, wanted to place himself as wager and your manly dance disorderly, joyful and bouncing resembling that of a dancer with a pot on his head was seen feelingly by a smiling Parvati. May that dance sanctify us. [ Ganga must have felt elated that Siva did not place her also as wager and hence her joyful dance as she ensconced herself  in the matted locks of Siva!] 

सद्यः कृतानेकजनार्तिभङ्गा ।
गङ्गा ममाङ्गान्यमलीकरोतु ॥ ५२ ॥
May Ganga, who adorns the head of Siva, who destroys the diseases of many persons and whose high dancing waves are delightful make my parts of the body pure.
[Perhaps the poet took a dip in the Ganga as he recited
this last stanza. Does the repetitive syllable ङ्ग sound like the bubbles as he took the dip?  ]


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  1. Thaks Murthy for the Ganga Lahari. I am sure Sarojaji will take up this in our class when she finds time to do that, which will benefit all who are still in the lower level.
    Om Namo Narayanaya