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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The World of Valmiki-25

The World of Valmiki-25
मण्डलानि विचित्राणि स्थानानि विविधानि च ।
गोमूत्रिकाणि चित्राणि गतप्रत्यागतानि च ॥
तिरश्चीनगतान्येव तथा वक्रगतानि च ।
परिमोक्षं प्रहाराणां वर्जनं परिधावनम् ॥
अभिद्रवणमाप्लावमास्थानम् च सविग्रहम् ।
परावृत्तमपावृत्तं अवद्रुतमवप्लुतम् ।
उपन्यस्तमपन्यस्तं युद्धमार्गविशारदौ ॥
तौ सञ्चेरतुरन्योन्यं वानरेन्द्रश्च रावणः ॥६/४०/२३-२६॥
The chief of monkeys, Sugriva and Ravana, both experts in the art of battling took different postures and executed different movements. They moved zigzag in the manner of a cow's urine track. They moved forward and backward. They moved laterally and in a curved path clockwise and anti clockwise. They skillfully avoided the attacks of each other. They ran, fled and moved a little and stayed put firmly. They turned back, quietly slipped to the side to avoid an attack; they moved bent low in order to attack. To attack the opponents shanks they hopped bent low. They extended their arms to catch the opponent's arms. To avoid the opponents hold they moved their arms skillfully. [Valmiki appears to have used several technical terms related to wrestling. Govidaraja says that he is not going into the details as it would be too lengthy.]
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