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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Varadarajastava of Appayyadikshita-4


मश्वत्थवर्यजुषि दिव्यसरःसमीपे ।
मध्ये हिरण्मयगृहं महिषीयुतं त्वां
दृष्ट्वा जनो न पुनरेति भवान्तरार्तिम् ॥ ८ ॥
अ: अमेयगुण! जनः अस्याम् अपराजितायाम् अश्वथ-वर्य-जुषि दिव्य-सरः-समीपे हिरण्मयगृहं मध्ये महिषीयुतम् त्वां दृष्ट्वा भव-अन्तर-आर्तिं पुनः न एति ।
Lord of immeasurable qualities! A person who beholds you seated with your queen at the centre of the Golden abode near the divine lake adorned with the Ashwattha tree will not suffer another birth.
Notes: The lake and the Ashwattha tree refer to what exist in Kanchi. 

संप्राप्य दुग्धतटिनीविरजां विशुद्धाः
सन्तो  भवद्भजनदां पदमागतास्ते ।
त्वत्पादतोयतुलसीकुसुमेषु लग्नं
गन्धं रसं च गरुडध्वज ते लभन्तॆ ।। ९ ॥
अ: गरुडध्वज! विशुद्धाः सन्तः भवद्-भजन-दां दुग्ध-तटिनी-विरजां संप्राप्य ते पदम् आगताः त्वत्-पाद-तोय-तुलसी-कुसुमेषु लग्नं ते गन्धं रसं च लभन्ते ।
O Garuda_dhwaja ( One whose flag bears the figure of Garuda)! Those virtuous persons who are pure reach the milky river as a result of having worshipped you and then reach your feet and savour your fragrance and juice sticking to the flowers of Tulasi in the waters washing  your  feet.
Notes: The poet brings out a resemblance of physical aspects of Kanchi to what is described in Puranas as the path taken by the evolved souls in their journey to Vaikuntha.

कोशानिव त्रिदशनायक कोऽपि धन्यः ।
रूपं त्वदीयमवलोकयतेऽभिरूपम् ॥ १० ॥
अ: त्रिदशनायक! कः अपि धन्यः सौवर्ण-साल-वलयान् कोशान् इव  अनुप्रविश्य आनन्दवल्ली-उदित-दिव्य-फल-अनुरूपं त्वदीयम् अभिरूपं रूपम्  अवलोकयते ।
O Chief of divine beings! A fortunate person enters the sheath-like golden enclosures and beholds your beautiful form which is like a divine fruit of the creeper of supreme bliss.

Notes:The verse resonates with an inner meaning referring to Anandavalli of Taittiriya Upanishad where four sheaths of physical, biological, mental  and spiritual aspects are described as sheaths enclosing Ultimate Bliss (Ananda).   
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