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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Varadarajastava of Appayyadikshita-13


पादावुपेन्द्र सुकुमारतमाविमौ ते
भूषाभरादरुणिमानमिवोद्वमन्तौ ।
इत्थं किमस्ति सुकुमारमितीव बोद्धुं
लोकत्रयेऽपि च करैः स्पृशतः पदार्थान् ॥ ३५ ॥
अ : उपेन्द्र ! इमौ ते सुकुमारतमौ पादौ भूषाभरात् अरुणिमानम् उद्वमन्तौ इव ; इत्थं सुकुमारम् किम् अस्ति इति बोद्धुम् इव लोकत्रये अपि च करैः पदार्थान् स्पृशतः ।
O Brother of Indra ! these delicate feet of yours seem to be spitting out redness on account of the weight of ornaments it is carrying. They seem to be touching all things with their rays in order to check if anything else is there in this world equally delicate.

मूर्तिं प्रसाधयति ते चरणांशुपुञ्जः
तां जैमिनिः कथमधीश निराकरोतु ।
सर्वत्र योगमुपपादयतारुणिम्नः
तेनारुणाधिकरणे हि मुनिः स भग्नः ॥ ३६ ॥
अ: अधीश ! चरण-अंशु-पुञ्जः ते मूर्तिं प्रसाधयति; जैमिनिः तां कथं निराकरोतु? सः मुनिः अरुणिम्नः योगं सर्वत्र उपपादयता तेन अरुण-अधिकरणे भग्नः हि ।
Lord ! the cluster of rays from your feet decorates your entire body. How can sage Jaimini deny it? That cluster which enunciates that redness extends everywhere contradicts the statement of the sage in his discourse on redness.
Note: The reference is to sage Jaimini who is the author of Mimamsa-sutras which discusses Vedic rituals, their proper performance and their effects. In that work, there is a section “Arunadhikarana” which refers to the limited effect of redness in a ritual. The poet says that the fact the red rays emanating from the deity’s feet lights up everything contradicts Jaimini.

अन्तस्तमांसि यमिनामपसारयन्ती
हृत्पङ्कजान्यपि च नाथ विकासयन्ती ।
त्वत्पादयोर्जयति कापि मयूखमाला ॥ ३७ ॥
अ:  नाथ ! यमिनाम् अन्तः-तमांसि अपसारयन्ती, हृत्-पङ्कजानि अपि विकासयन्ती भक्त-प्रवेक-भव-वारिनिधेः तरण्योः त्वत्-पादयोः का अपि मयूख-माला जयति ।

The stream of rays from your feet which removes the internal darkness of those who lead a life of restraint , which opens up the lotus-like hearts and which acts as a pair of boats for crossing the ocean of birth and death for the best of your devotees is flourishing unconquered uniquely.
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