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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Varadarajastava of Appayyadikshita-15


तौल्यं वदन्तु कवयस्तरुपल्लवानां
मुग्धास्त्वदीयचरणेन मुकुन्द किं तैः ।
तान्येव तत्तदधरोष्ठमिषात्तदानीं
कम्पं भजन्ति कथयन्ति किलात्मनैच्यम् ॥ ४१ ॥
अ: मुकुन्द ! मुग्धाः कवयः त्वदीय-चरणेन तरु-पल्लवानां तौल्यं वदन्ति । तैः किम्? तानि एव
तत्-तत्-अधर्-ओष्ठ-मिषात् तदानीं कम्पं भजन्ति, आत्मनैच्यं कथयन्ति किल ।
Ignorant poets speak of similarity of tree sprouts with your feet. They are of no consequence. Those (sprouts themselves) experience quivering in the garb of the lower lips of those poets and thus express their inferiority.

पद्मोपमात्पदयुगात्तव रत्नगर्भा
जातेति पद्मसदृशाकृतिराहुरेनाम् ।
कार्यं हि कारणगुणानतिवर्ति लोके
प्रायः पतङ्गपतिवाह विलोकयामः ॥ ४२ ॥
अ : पतङ्ग-पति-वाह ! तव पद्म-उपमात् पदयुगात् रत्नगर्भा जाता इति एनां पद्म-सदृश-आकृतिः आहुः । लोके प्रायः कारण-गुणान् कार्यम् हि अतिवर्ति (इति) विलोकयामः ।
Lord whose vehicle is the chief of birds! It is said that the earth is in the shape of a lotus as it arose from your lotus-like feet. We observe in general that results imbibe the qualities of causes.
 Note : In the Puranas it is said that the Earth is in the shape of a lotus with Meru mountain being the pericarp, surrounding which is Kesara (filament)mountain range enclosed by Patra(petal) mountain range.

मासेवकश्रुतिमनोहरनादिहंसम् ।
शङ्के तवेश्वर पदं शतपत्रमेव ॥ ४३ ॥
अ : ईश्वर ! तव पदं कल्याण-शालि-कमलाकर( कमला-कर)-लालनीयम् आ-सेवक-श्रुति-मनोहर-नादि-हंसम् आमोद-मेदुर-मरुत्-नमित-अलि-कान्तं (अलिक-अन्तं) शतपत्रम् एव (इति) शङ्के ।
Lord ! I guess that your foot is a lotus only, being indulged in by the hands of Lakshmi (nurtured by a lake abounding in auspiciousness) with ascetics who are reciting the sonorous subservient Vedas (with swans cackling in a manner pleasant to hear) and with the ends of foreheads of joyful divine beings bent (looking graceful with bees swarming around blown by the fragrance- carrying wind.)

Note: The poet brings out equivalence between the lotus and Lord’s foot by a clever use of double-meaning words.
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