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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Varadarajastava of Appayyadikshita -17

वरदराजस्तवः -१७

यस्याः स्वमूर्त्यनुगुणाकृतिशक्तियुक्तः
पादाम्बुजद्वयमिषात्कमठाधिराजः ।
मूले वसत्युचितमेव निगद्यते सा
मूर्तिर्महापुरुष तेऽखिललोकरूपा ॥ ४७ ॥
अ : महापुरुष ! यस्याः मूले पाद-अम्बुज-द्वय-मिषात् स्व-मूर्ति-अनुगुण-आकृति-शक्ति-युक्तः कमठ-अधिराजः वसति, सा ते मूर्तिः अखिल-लोक-रूपा (इति) निगद्यते (तत्) उचितम् एव ।
O Great Person ! The Great Tortoise which has the capacity to assume a form similar to yours lives at the bottom of your form in the garb of your lotus-like feet . It is indeed appropriate that your form is said to be a manifestation of the entire universe.

किं द्वादशात्मनि रवौ भगवन्धृतेर्ष्यः
चन्द्रस्ततोऽभ्यधिकतामधिगन्तुमेव ।
एते तवेह दश भान्ति पदाङ्गुलीषु
स्वात्मान इत्यजनि चित्तदृगर्णवेभ्यः ॥ ४८ ॥
अ : भगवन् ! चन्द्रः द्वादश-आत्मनि रवौ धृत-ईर्ष्यः ततः अभ्यधिकताम् अधिगन्तुम् एव तव पदाङ्गुलीषु एते दश स्व-आत्मानः भान्ति इति चित्त-दृक्-अर्णवेभ्यः अजनि ।
Lord ! The moon, having become jealous of the sun who has twelve forms and desirous of surpassing him and having realized that his own ten forms sparkle in the ten toes of your feet  was born to the mind, the eyes (of Atri ) and the ocean (of milk.) 
Notes: What the poet means is that the moon with ten replicas of himself in the form of the toe-nails of the deity took three more births as the son of  God’s mind, of Atri’s eyes and of the ocean. There is a Vedic reference to the moon being born of God’s mind. As per mythology, Atri is the father of the moon and moon is also said to have been born from milk-ocean.

भासा पदं तव रमाधिप भूषयन्ति
संसेवकांश्च विबुधान् परितोषयन्ति ।
नाथ क्षिपन्ति च तमांसि नखेन्दवस्ते
संशोषयन्त्यपि तु भक्तभवाम्बुराशिम् ॥ ४९ ॥
अ : रमाधिप ! ते नखेन्दवः भासा तव पदं भूषयन्ति, संसेवकान् विबुधान् च परितोषयति,   तमांसि च क्षिपन्ति, अपि तु भक्त-भव-अम्बु-राशिं संशोषयन्ति ।
O Lord of Lakshmi ! your toenails decorate your feet by their lustre; they please your devotees and divine beings; they banish darkness (evil forces); but dry  up the ocean of samsara (cycle of birth and death) of your devotees.
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