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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Invocatory Verses-3

एकैश्वर्ये स्थितोऽपि प्रणतबहुफले यस्स्वयं कृत्तिवासाः
कान्तासम्मिश्रदेहोऽप्यविषयमनसां यः परस्ताद्यतीनाम् ।
अष्टाभिर्यस्य कृत्स्नं जगदपि तनुभिर्बिभ्रतो नाभिमानः
सन्मार्गालोकनाय व्यपनयतु स वस्तामसीं वृत्तिमीशः ॥ ३ ॥
अ : यः प्रणत-बहु-फले एक-ऐश्वर्ये स्थितः अपि स्वयं कृत्ति-वासाः, यः कान्ता-सम्मिश्र-देहः अपि अ-विषय-मनसां यतीनाम् परस्तात्, यस्य अष्टाभिः तनुभिः कृत्स्नं जगत् अपि बिभ्रतः न अभिमानः, सः ईशः सन्मार्ग-अवलोकनाय वः तामसीं वृत्तिं व्यपनयतु । 
Lord Shiva wears a hide for his clothing although he is endowed with all the wealth which bears abundant fruits to those who take refuge in him; He is the greatest of ascetics whose minds are devoid of sensual attractions although his body is partly that of his beloved; He is devoid of pride although he supports the entire universe through his eight-fold forms.  May He destroy your sinful activities in order to guide you in the righteous path.[ Kalidasa, Malavikagnimitramam ]

Notes: The eight-fold forms of the Lord are the same as described in the previous verse. The three invocatory verses above clearly point out that Kalidasa was a worshipper of Shiva. 
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