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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Invocatory Verses-7


द्रोणः पृथिव्यर्जुनभीमदूतो यः कर्णधारः शकुनीश्वरस्य ।
दुर्योधनो भीष्मयुधिष्ठिरः स पायाद् विराडुत्तरगोऽभिमन्युः ॥ ९ ॥
अ : यः द्रोणः पृथिवी-अर्जुन-भीम-दूतः शकुनी-ईश्वरस्य कर्णधारः दुर्योधनः भीष्म-युधिष्ठिरः अभिमन्युः उत्तरगः सः विराट् पायात् ।
May that Supreme Person protect us, who showers (mercy) like a rain-bearing cloud, for whom the Bright and the Terrible act as messengers, who acts as a pilot to the Chief of birds, who is invincible and  terribly steady in battle, who excels in sacrificial performances. [ Bhasa, Pancharatram ]

Note : The poet cleverly brings out the names of many characters in the play, although the meaning of the verse is derived by interpreting the proper nouns as common nouns.
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