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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Subhashita-kaustubha (13-15)

सुभाषितकौस्तुभः (१३-१५)
अज्ञस्त्वां यदुपेक्ष्य मन्दमतिभिर्धन्यं सदा मन्यते
शोको मास्तु ततस्सुधीजनसभाशोभाकृतस्ते कवे ।
खद्योतं निदधातु भास्करतया नीडे निजे टिट्टिभो
दीपः क्ष्मापतिकेलिसौधमहितः किं तावता हीयते ॥ १३ ॥
O poet, if an ignoramus considers himself blessed surrounding himself with dull headed persons, let it not be a cause for grief for you who can adorn the assembly of the learned. If the Tittibha bird keeps a firefly in its nest it is no disgrace to the lamp which is honored in the recreation-palace of the king.

तावत्ते सरिदन्तरादतिशयस्तत्तादृशो दृश्यते
गङ्गापूर सुचञ्चलं जलनिधिं यावन्न संगाहसे ।
तं चेदञ्चसि हन्त नायकधिया त्वद्रूपसंभावनम्
कृत्वा नेष्यति तुल्यभावमरसैः स त्वां जलैः प्राकृतैः ॥ १४ ॥
O Flow of Ganga, your superiority distinguishing you from other rivers is seen so long as you do not dive into the very unsteady ocean. When you look upon the ocean as your Lord, he will equate you with all and sundry rivers that flow into him.[ Through this अन्योक्ति, the poet apparently dissuades a  distinguished and accomplished lady from falling in love with a philanderer.] 

विषतरुतौल्यतो जलधरस्त्वयि वर्षति य-
न्न भवति तावता ननु रसाल तवावमतिः ।
फलमितरस्य हन्त विलयं कलयत्यचिरात्
तव तु फलं श्रमं शमयतीति जगद्विदितम् ॥ १५ ॥
O Mango tree, if clouds rain on you and a poisonous tree equally it is no disgrace for you. It is well known that your fruits relieve one of fatigue while those of the other, alas, quickly get destroyed. [A poet need not feel humiliated just because an unworthy person is honored in the same way as the poet.]
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