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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SubhaShita-kaustubha (59-61)

सुभाषितकौस्तुभः (५९-६१)
बहुधान्यासत्तिजुषो नित्यं चपलालसत्त्ववासभुवः ।
सेव्यन्ते खलवर्गाः सद्वृषभग्रासरोधिभिर्दुष्टैः ॥ ५९ ॥
Wicked persons who like to be in close contact with others very much (बहुधा अन्य) and who are always the abode of fickleness and lethargy (चपल अलसत्त्व) are surrounded by the corrupt who come in the way of a living of the best among the virtuous (सद्वृषभ).
A parallel meaning appears in the background as follows: Threshing floors (खलवर्गाः) which are by nature in contact with lots of grains (बहु धान्य) and which are the storing place for straw (पलालसत्त्व) are frequented by the vicious (oxen) which obstruct food for the diligent oxen (सद्वृषभ).    

संसारत्यजनैकसादरमनाः सामान्यमर्त्यस्फुटो-
पेक्षो रक्षणभङ्ग्युदीतकरुणो वेदान्तनिर्मन्थनः ।
दीनानन्दविधायको बुधजनस्संसारवेद्युज्झितैः
संयुज्येत पदैस्तथा खलजनस्तैरेव संयुज्यते ॥ ६० ॥
The learned are denoted by the words which are far removed from the platform of worldly life (संसार-वेदी-उज्झितैः) such as: they are oriented towards renouncing the worldly life (संसार-त्यजन-एक-सादर-मनाः); they clearly lack interest in ordinary humans (सामान्य-मर्त्य-स्फुट-उपेक्षः); they are compassionate in order to be protective (रक्षण-भङ्गी-उदीत-करुणः); they are well versed in Vedanta (वेदान्त-निर्मन्थनः); they give happiness to the indigent (दीन-आनन्द-विधायकः). The wicked are also denoted by the same words without सं, सा, र, वे, दी. (सं-सा-र-वे-दी-उज्झितैः) They are oriented towards neglecting  the essence (सार-त्यजन-एक-सादर-मनाः); they clearly dislike the respected (मान्य-मर्त्य-स्फुट-उपेक्षः); Their compassion is short lived (क्षण-भङ्गी-उदीत-करुणः); they cow down those who are subdued (दान्त-निर्मन्थनः) ; they do not give any happiness (to any one) (न-आनन्द-विधायकः). [It is indeed a tour de force in poetic wizardry!]    

प्रसक्ते श्रीलेशे परिचितनृणामप्यगणना
प्रयत्नैरस्तोकैरपि परफलाप्तेर्विघटनम् ।
वचश्च प्रत्यक्षे सति मधु परोक्षे खलु विषम्
बुधौघे वैमुख्यं पुरुषमविनीतं कथयति ॥ ६१ ॥
Even if endowed with the slightest of wealth neglecting even those who are closely known, making all out efforts to prevent others from reaching their goals, while in ones presence using words of honey to breath poison at the back, to disregard the group of the learned, these (characteristics) proclaim a man to be ill-mannered.   

इति दुर्जनपद्धतिः तृतीया
Thus ends the third section dealing with the wicked.
- - - -

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