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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Subhashita kaustubha (66-70)

सुभाषितकौस्तुभः (६६-७०)
प्रभुं तमेव प्रवदन्ति सन्तो
द्वयं तृणं यस्य मनस्यजस्रम् ।
प्रत्यर्थिसैन्यं प्रतिघोद्गमेषु
प्रदानवेलासु च काञ्चनाद्रिः ॥ ६६ ॥
The virtuous consider only that person as a ruler for whom two things are like straw namely the army of the opponent at the time of rage and Golden mountain Meru at the time of charity. [ A ruler will not bother about the might of the opponent when he is enraged and he will not consider even Meru as too precious at the time of charity.]

समीहितं संघटयन्ति दानैः ।
ख्याता दिगन्तेष्वत एव युक्तं
वितन्वते कर्णविधूननं ते ॥ ६७ ॥
Those who protect many continuously fulfill through munificence the desires of those who have lined up seeking their protection. It is therefore quite appropriate that they are known in the corners of the world and they belittle Karna.
A second meaning: The elephants [अनेकप] continuously fulfill the desires of the bees [आलि] that approach them by their rut [दान]. It is therefore appropriate that they fan their ears [कर्ण] in the corners of the world. [Reference is to dig-gaja’s which are supposed to carry the earth at its four corners.] 

क्वचन भवति कार्यं कारणादप्युदारं
वितरणमनवद्यं विश्रुतानां विभूनाम् ।
नियतमिह विधत्ते दक्षिणाशाभिपूर्तिं
कलयति सकलाशापूरणे तस्य कीर्तिः ॥ ६८ ॥
Sometimes the effect has broader significance than the cause. The faultless munificence of a reputed wealthy person certainly satisfies the desire for dakshinaa. His fame (however) spreads in all directions. [The sparkle of the verse can be felt in Sanskrit only. आशा and दक्षिणा have each two meanings. आशा=1. desire and 2. direction (South, North etc.) . दक्षिणा=1. gift given to Brahmins in a ritual. 2 Southern direction. While the munificence of the rich does दक्षिण-आशा-पूरण his fame which is the effect of his munificence does सकल-आशा-पूरण!] 

धन्यो जनो वदान्यो घनमतिशेतेतरां यतः पूर्वः ।
दिशति वनीपकपुष्टिं न वनीपकपुष्टिमन्तिमः कुरुते ॥ ६९ ॥
The generous person is indeed blessed and excels the cloud. Because, while he extends care to those seeking his help [वनीपक-पुष्टि] cloud does nurture of the new  neepa tree. [नव-नीपक-पुष्टि]. [The poet again demonstrates his skill as a wordsmith. There is an apparent contrast between a donor and a cloud. One does वनीपकपुष्टि, the other न वनीपकपुष्टि!] 

विद्या दुष्यत्यविनयतया वित्तवत्ता च लोभैः
आचारश्रीः खलपरिचयैराभिजात्यं कुवृत्त्या ।
काव्यं भव्येतरविषयतः कर्म कामानुबन्धैः
दाक्ष्यं दीनप्रभुभजनतो दानमस्वादुवाचा ॥ ७० ॥
Scholarship is sullied by being impolite, wealth by being avaricious, the grace of customary conduct by being associated with the wicked, good heritage by following vile occupation, literature by dealing with un-exalting material, labour by being attached, efficiency by serving the lowly masters, and charity by using of unkind words. [The poet has thankfully departed from his normal style to reach the levels of Bhartrhari!]
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