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Friday, April 13, 2012

The World of Valmiki-19

The World of Valmiki-19


प्रजगुः देवगन्धर्वा वीणाः प्रमुमुचुः स्वरान् ।
स शब्दो द्यां च भूमिं च प्राणिनां श्रवणानि च ।
विवेशोच्चारितः श्लक्ष्णः समो लयगुणान्वितः ॥२/९१/२७॥
Devas and gandharvas sang. Musical notes emanated from Vinas. That sound clearly and rhythmically produced filled the earth, the sky and the ears of living beings.

तासां सङ्क्रीडमानानामेष वादित्रनिस्वनः ।
श्रूयते भूषणोन्मिश्रो गीतशब्दो मनोहरः ॥३/११/२०॥
This pleasant song being heard is from musical instruments mixed with the jingle of jewels, as they (apsaras) make merry.

प्रविशन्नेव सततं शुश्राव मधुरस्वनम् ।
तन्त्रीगीतसमाकीर्णं समतालपदाक्षरम् ॥४/३३/२१॥
At the entrance itself he heard the sonorous sounds of strings and singing which had a steady rhythm and where words and syllables were equally spaced.

चरिते कैशिकाचार्यैः ऐरावतनिषेविते ।५/१/१६५॥
(Hanuman jumped across the sky) which was traversed by masters of music and dance (gandhrvas) and frequented by Airavat elephant.

शुश्राव रुचिरं गीतं त्रिस्थानस्वरभूषितम् ।५/४/१०॥
(Hanuman) heard melodious music embellished by notes of high, medium and low pitch.

Musical instruments

दुन्दुभीभिः मृदङ्गैश्च वीणाभिः पणवैस्तथा ।
नादितां भृशमत्यर्थं पृथिव्यां ताममनुत्तमाम् ॥।१/५/१८॥
(Dasaratha ruled over Ayodhya) which resonated with the sounds of dundubhis, mrudangas, vinas and panavas. ( Vina is a stringed instrument and others are different types of drums.)

अन्या कक्षगतेनैव मड्डुकेनासितेक्षणा ।
प्रसुप्ता भामिनी भाति बालपुत्रेव वत्सला ॥
पटहं चारुसर्वाङ्गी न्यस्य शेते शुभस्तनी ।
चिरस्य रमणं लब्ध्वा परिष्वज्येव भामिनी ॥
काचिद्वंशं परिष्वज्य सुप्ता कमललोचना ।
रहः प्रियतमं गृह्य सकामेव च कामिनी ॥
विपञ्चीं परिगृह्यान्या नियता नृत्यशालिनी ।
निद्रावशमनुप्राप्ता सहकान्तेव भामिनी ॥
अन्या कनकसङ्काशैः मृदुपीनैर्मनोरमैः ।
मृदङ्गं परिपीड्याङ्गैः प्रसुप्ता मत्तलोचना ।
भुजपार्श्वान्तरस्थेन कक्षगेन कृशोदरी ।
पणवेन सहानिन्द्या सुप्ता मदकृतश्रमा ।।
डिंडिमं परिगृह्यान्या तथैवासक्तडिंडिमा ।
प्रसुप्ता तरुणं वत्समुपगुह्येव भामिनी ॥
काचिदाडंबरं नारी भुजसंयोगपीडितम् ।
कृत्वा कमलपत्राक्षी प्रसुप्ता मदमोहिता ॥५/१०/३८-४५॥
(Among the women in the harem of Ravana) one of dark eyes sleeps with a madduka by her side; another of fine limbs and auspicious breasts sleeps keeping a pataha (by her side); another given to dancing sleeps holding a vipanchi; another whose eyes showed drunkenness slept holding a mrudanga by her limbs; another faultless woman slept along with panava tired due to inebriation; another clinging to a dindima slept with it; another slept slept holding an adamabara in her arms; Another woman slept holding a   


महीकृता पर्वतराजि पूर्णा शैलाः कृताः वृक्षवितानपूर्णाः।
वृक्षाः कृताः पुष्पवितानपूर्णाः पुष्पं कृतं केसरपत्रपूर्णम् ॥
कृतानि वेश्मानि च पाण्डुराणि तथा सुपुष्पाण्यपि पुष्कराणि ।
पुनश्च पद्मानि सकेसराणि धन्यानि चित्राणि तथा वनानि ॥
पुष्पाह्वयं नाम विराजमानम् रत्नप्रभाभिश्च विवर्धमानम् ।
वेश्मोत्तमानामपि चोच्चमानम् महाकपिस्तत्र महाविमानम् ॥
कृताश्च वैडूर्यमया विहङ्गा रूप्यप्रवालैश्च तथा विहङ्गाः ।
चित्राश्च नाना वसुभिर्भुजङ्गा जात्यानुरूपास्तुरगा शुभाङ्गाः ॥
प्रवालजांबूनदपुष्पपक्षाःसलीलमावर्जितजिह्मपक्षाः ।
कामस्य साक्षादिव भान्ति पक्षाःकृता विहङ्गाः सुमुखाः सुपक्षाः ॥
नियुज्यमानास्तु गजाः सुहस्ताःसकेसराश्चोत्पलपत्रहस्ताः ।
बभूव देवी च कृता सुहस्ता लक्ष्मीस्तथा पद्मिनि पद्महस्ता ॥५/७/९-१४॥
(Hanuman describes the picture carved on the Pushpaka vimana.)
The earth was shown to have mountain ranges; mountains were shown to have an assemblage of trees; trees were shown to have an assemblage of flowers; flowers were shown to have stamens and leaves. Houses were shown of white colour; lakes were full of flowers(lotus); and the lotuses had stamens. The great monkey saw the great aircraft named Pushpa sparkling with the lustre of gems which was taller than the tallest of mansions. In that, birds were made of cat's eye, silver and corals; serpents made of various jewels; pedigree horses of fine limbs were carved; Birds of fine beaks and wings were fashioned with wings of coral and gold; the wings were bent back and looked like those of manmatha. Elephants with fine trunks were shown to be holding lotuses in their trunks; There was carved a figure of Lakshmi in a lake with fine hands and holding a lotus in her hand.

Domesticating elephants
श्रूयन्ते हस्तिभिः गीता श्लोकाः पद्मवने पुरा ।
पाशहस्तान् नरान् दृष्ट्वा शृणुष्व वदतो मम ॥
नाग्निर्नान्यानि शस्त्राणि न नः पाशा भयावहाः ।
घोराः स्वार्थप्रयुक्ताश्च ज्ञातयो नो भयावहाः ॥
उपायमेते वक्ष्यन्ति ग्रहणे नात्र संशयः ।६/१६/६-८॥
Lang back in in Padma forest elephants were heard to utter the following verses when they saw men holding ropes to catch them,
 " Not fire not weapons not ropes
 Ensnare us as our own selfish kin
Who tell them how to catch us."

नालं युद्धाय वै रक्षो महतीयं बिभीषिका ।६/६६/६॥
This Rakshasa is not for fighting he is a big scare-crow.

Bouncing ball
जगाम खं कन्दुकवज्जवेन पुनश्च रामेण समाजगाम ।६/६७/३८॥
He went up the sky with speed and came back like a ball.

World-map on a carpet(?)
महत्या कुथयास्तीर्णां पृथिवीलक्षणाङ्कया ।५/९/२५॥
(Hall) covered with a large carpet bearing the markings of the world.

दन्तान् विदशतस्तस्य श्रूयते दशनस्वनः ।
यन्त्रस्यावेष्टमानस्य महतो दानवैरिव ॥६/९३/२४॥
As he ground his teeth it sounded like a heavy (grinding) machine being turned by Rakshasas.
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