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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Subhashita-kaustubha (36-38)

सुभाषितकौस्तुभः (३६-३८)
दैर्घ्यं बाह्वोरेव येषां न वैरे
तैक्ष्ण्यं बुद्धावेव दृष्टं न वाचि ।
मान्द्यं हासे मानसे नैव तेषाम्
के वा नेच्छ्न्त्यत्र सेवामभिज्ञाः ॥ ३६ ॥
Their arms are long but their enmity is not long lasting. There is sharpness in their intellect but not in their
speech. There is mildness in their smile but not in their mind. Who among the knowledgeable do not like to serve such persons?

ऋणे व्रणे वा द्रविणे तृणे वा
खले मले वा विषये विषे वा ।
भवे दवे वा समबुद्धयोऽमी
जयन्ति सन्तस्त्रिजगन्त्यवन्त्यः ॥ ३७ ॥
Their attitude is the same between indebtedness and a wound, between money and a blade of grass, between an evil-minded person and filth, between sense objects and poison, between worldly life and forest-fire. Such persons flourish protecting the three worlds. [It is due to the presence of such great men that the world sustains itself. Pleasant alliteration in the verse is to be noted.]

सूर्यालोकदशासु हर्षमयसे दोषाकरालोकने
सङ्कोचं भजसि श्रितालिषु मुहुर्दत्से परं जीवनम् ।
पङ्कं शश्वदधः करोषि वहसे नालीकशब्दं च तत्
विद्मः पद्म तनोति सन्निधिमसौ युक्ते त्वयि श्रीरिति ॥ ३८ ॥
In the presence of the Sun (सूर्य) you are happy. In the presence of the Moon (दोषाकर) you shrink. You often provide sustenance to the bees who seek shelter in you. You permanently lower the slush (on which you grow). You are called “naaleeka”. O Lotus, we know that Goddess Lakshmi has made her abode in you rightly.
Meaning 2: In the presence of sages (सूरि+आकर) you are happy. From the presence of those who are a source of sins (दोष+आकर) you withdraw. You provide life to those who seek refuge in you. You lower sins (पङ्क). You never utter a lie (न+अलीक). We know that Goddess Lakshmi stays with you rightly. (The second meaning refers to an enlightened person.)
इति सज्जनपद्धतिः द्वितीया |
Thus ends the second section dealing with the virtuous.
- - - -

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