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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bhamini vilasah-24

किं जल्पसि मुग्धतया हन्त ममाङ्गं सुवर्णवर्णमिति ।
तृप्यति पतति हुताशे तदा हताशे तुलां तवारोहेत् ॥ ४४ ॥
अन्वयः : मम अङ्गं सुवर्णवर्णम् इति मुग्धतया किं जल्पसि? हताशे, (सुवर्णे) तृप्यति हुताशे पतति (सति) तदा तव तुलाम् आरोहेत् ।
Why do you foolishly boast that the colour of your body is like Gold? O lady who has lost hopes, only if Gold were to fall into thirsty fire could it be equal to you.[ Your body is like gold that has fallen into fire. Perhaps the lover means that the lady is like Gold that is in fire and therefore untouchable and cannot be pleasurable. May be because the lady has a bad temperament.]

औत्सुक्यात् परिमिलतां त्रपया सङ्कोचमञ्चतां च मुहुः ।
नवसङ्गमयोर्यूनोर्नयनानामुत्सवो जयति ॥ ४५ ॥
अन्व्यः : औत्सुक्यात् परिमिलतां त्रपया मुहुः सङ्कोचम् अञ्चतां नवसङ्गमयोः यूनोः नयनानाम् उत्सवः जयति ।
As the eyes of recently married young couple meet each other due to eagerness and often bend down due to modesty, it is a feast to the eyes of the beholder. [The poet literally hails this festivity!]

गरिमाणमर्पयित्वा लघिमानं कुचतटात्कुरङ्गदृशाम् ।
स्वीकुर्वते नमस्ते यूनां धैर्याय निर्विवेकाय ॥ ४६ ॥
अन्वयः : लघिमानम् अर्पयित्वा कुरङ्गदृशां कुचतटात् गरिंमाणम् स्वीकुर्वते यूनां निर्विवेकाय धैर्याय नमस्ते ।
Salutations to the senseless boldness of young men, which having surrendered its smallness has accepted bigness from the breasts of doe-eyed damsels. [ As youth flourishes in maidens the boldness of the young men also increases. as if its growth has been aided by the growth of maidens’ bodily features.]

न्यञ्चति वयसि प्रथमे समुदञ्चति तरुणिमनि तदा सुदृशः ।
दधति स्म मधुरिमाणं वाचो गतयश्च विभ्रमाश्च भृशम् ॥ ४७ ॥
अन्वयः: सुदृशः प्रथमे वयसि न्यञ्चति तरुणिमनि समुदञ्चति तदा वाचः गतयः च विभ्रमाः च भृशं मधुरिमाणं दधति स्म ।
As the childhood descends and youth ascends for the damsel of lovely eyes, there is much sweetness in her speech, steps and movements.

निस्सीमशोभासौभाग्यं नताङ्ग्या नयनद्वयम् ।
अन्योन्यालोकनानन्दविरहादिव चञ्चलम् ॥ ४८ ॥
अन्वयः : नताङ्ग्याः नयनद्वयं निस्सीम-शोभा-सौभाग्यं अन्योन्य-आलोकन-आनन्द-विरहात् इव चञ्चलम् ।
The eyes of the lady, whose luster is bound-less are unsteady as if because of their inability to see each other. [Each eye wants to look at the other to enjoy its beauty, but alas it cannot and hence is unsteady.]

गुरुमध्ये हरिणाक्षी मार्तिकशकलैर्निहन्तुकामं माम् ।
रदयन्त्रितरसनाग्रं तरलितनयनं निवारयाञ्चक्रे ॥ ४९ ॥
अन्वयः : हरिणाक्षी गुरुमध्ये मार्तिक-शकलैः निहन्तुकामं मां रद-यन्त्रित-रसनाग्रं तरलित-नयनं निवारयाञ्चक्रे ।
The doe-eyed lady restrained me by her quivering eyes and by fixing her tongue between the teeth when I wanted to hit her with mud pieces in presence of her elders. [ A nice picture of lovers’ caper.]

नयनाञ्चलावमर्शं या न कदाचित्पुरा सेहे ।
आलिङ्गितापि जोषं तस्थौ सा गन्तुकेन दयितेन ॥ ५० ॥
अन्वयः : या पुरा कदाचित् नयन-अञ्चल-अवमर्शं न सेहे सा (अधुना) गन्तुकेन दयितेन आलिङ्गिता अपि जोषं तस्थौ ।
The lady who at one time would not tolerate even a side-glance now comfortably stays as she is embraced by her husband who is going away.
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