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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ganga lahari (13-15)

गङ्गालहरी (१३-१५)
विनिन्द्यान्युन्मत्तैरपि च परिहार्याणि पतितैः
अवाच्यानि व्रात्यैः सपुलकमपास्यानि पिशुनैः ।
हरन्ती लोकानामनवरतमेनांसि कियताम्
कदाप्यश्रान्ता त्वं जगति पुनरेका विजयसे ॥ १३ ॥
You remove the sins of innumerable people: sins, which are worthy of being despised even by the intoxicated, which are to be atoned for even by the fallen, which are unmentionables even to the outcastes, which are to be cast off with horripilation even by slanderers. Yet never getting tired you alone are triumphant in this world.

स्खलन्ती स्वर्लोकादवनितलशोकापहृतये
जटाजूटग्रन्थौ यदसि विनिबद्धा पुरभिदा ।
अये निर्लोभानामपि मनसि लोभं जनयताम्
गुणानामेवायं तव जननि दोषः परिणतः ॥ १४ ॥
Mother, while falling from the divine world for removing the distress of this world you were held up by Siva in his locks of hair. Your good qualities which induced greed even in the minds of those otherwise devoid of greed turned out to be a blemish!
(Siva who is otherwise totally devoid of greed was tempted to withhold you in his locks of hair because of your great qualities. So imagines the poet.)

जडानन्धान्पङ्गून् प्रकृतिबधिरानुक्तिविकलान्
ग्रहग्रस्तानस्ताखिलदुरितनिस्तारसरणीन् ।
निलिम्पैर्निर्मुक्तानपि च निरयान्तर्निपततो
नरानम्ब त्रातुं त्वमिह परमं भेषजमसि ॥ १५ ॥
Mother, you are the ultimate medicine to protect people who are dull headed, who are blind, lame, deaf, dumb and those affected by planetary states and those  for whom courses to cross over all their sins have vanished and who have been rejected by the Gods and who are falling into hell. 
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