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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gangalahari (31-33)

गङ्गालहरी (३१-३३)
श्ववृत्तिव्यासङ्गो नियतमथ मिथ्याप्रलपनम्
कुतर्केष्वभ्यासः सततपरपैशून्यमननम् ।
अपि श्रावं श्रावं मम तु पुनरेवं गुणगणान्
ऋते त्वां को नाम क्षणमपि निरीक्षेत वदनम् ॥ ३१ ॥
I led the life of a dog. All the time I chatted nonsense.
I indulged in meaningless discussions. I spent my time slandering others. Except you who else would like to look at me even for a moment after having heard of my qualities?

विशालाभ्यामाभ्यां किमिह नयनाभ्यां खलु फलम्
न याभ्यामालीढा परमरमणीया तव तनुः ।
अयं हि न्यक्कारो जननि मनुजस्य श्रवणयोः
ययोर्नान्तर्यातस्तव लहरिलीलाकलकलः ॥ ३२ ॥
Mother, of what use are the eyes which have not tasted (experienced) your most beautiful form? Fie be to the human ears into which has not entered the murmur of the play of your waves.

विमानैः स्वच्छन्दं सुरपुरमयन्ते सुकृतिनः
पतन्ति द्राक्पापा जननि नरकान्तःपरवशाः ।
विभागोऽयं तस्मिन्नुभयविधमूर्तिः जनपदे
न यत्र त्वं लीलाशमितमनुजाशेषकलुषा ॥ ३३ ॥
Mother, it is only in the places where you, who destroy easily all the sins of persons, are not there that there are these two divisions:  Those who have led a pure life travel to the city of Indra at their will and sinners quickly fall into the bowels of hell. (As Ganga redeems everyone such a disparity does not exist in places where she flows.)
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