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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gangalahari (8-9)

गङ्गालहरी (८-९)
स्मृतं सद्यः स्वान्तं विरचयति शान्तं सकृदपि
प्रगीतं यत्पापं झटिति भवतापं च हरति ।
इदं तद्गङ्गेति श्रवणरमणीयं खलु पदम्
मम प्राणप्रान्तर्वदनकमलान्तर्विलसतु ॥ ८ ॥
Even if it is remembered once it provides peace to the inner self. If it is sung it immediately removes the worldly torment and sin. May this word “Ganga” which is indeed pleasant to hear shine in my lotus-like mouth at the very end of my breath.

यदन्तः खेलन्तो बहुलतरसन्तोषभरिता
न काका नाकाधीश्वरनगरसाकाङ्क्षमनसः ।
निवासाल्लोकानां जनिमरणशोकापहरणम्
तदेतत्ते तीरं श्रमशमनधीरं भवतु नः ॥ ९ ॥
(Even) Crows playing amidst you being full of extreme joy do not crave (even) for the city of Indra. Your banks remove the distresses associated with birth and death from the residences of people. May your banks be capable of relieving our tiredness.
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  1. दन्यवाद् अति मनॊहरम्