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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gangalahari (25-30)

गङ्गालहरी (२५-३०)
विलीनो वै वैवस्वतनगरकोलाहलभरः
गता दूता दूरं क्वचिदपि परेतान् मृगयितुम् ।
विमानानां व्रातो विदलयति वीथीर्दिविषदाम्
कथा ते कल्याणी यदवधि महीमण्डलमगात् ॥ २५ ॥
O the auspicious! Right up to the extent your story reached the earth, the din in the city of Yama has died down; (Yama’s) messengers have gone to distant places searching for the dead. Groups of air-planes are jostling in the streets of (the city) of the Divine beings. ( Pandita Jagannatha who would have been well versed in praising royals having been a court poet uses hyperbole effortlessly in praising Ganga. Those who have heard of Ganga become eligible to reach heaven and there is no rush in Hell and the messengers of Yama are reaching distant places to look for people fit for hell. On the contrary, groups of aircraft carrying those who have been blessed by Ganga have crowded in Heaven!)

ज्वरज्वालाजालज्वलितवपुषां नः प्रतिदिनम् ।
हरन्तां सन्तापं कमपि मरुदुल्लासलहरी-
छटाश्चञ्चत्पाथःकणसरणयो दिव्यसरितः ॥ २६ ॥
Divine river, may your streams of moving water drops, coming in waves due to the pleasant wind remove daily the indescribable heat of us whose bodies are burnt by the shining flames of severe fever generated by desire and anger.  

इदं हि ब्रह्माण्डं सकलभुवनाभोगभवनम्
तरङ्गैर्यस्यान्तर्लुठति परितस्तिन्दुकमिव ।
स एष श्रीकण्ठप्रविततजटाजूटजटिलः
जलानां सङ्घातस्तव जननि तापं हरतु नः ॥ २७ ॥
Mother, may the collection of your waters which got entangled in the matted locks spread out by Siva and whose waves encircled the whole of brahmanda as if it was a tinduka fruit remove our distress. (It is not clear what this tinduka fruit is and what its name is in English.)

त्रपन्ते तीर्थानि त्वरितमिह यस्योद्धृतिविधौ
करं कर्णे कुर्वन्त्यपि किल कपालिप्रभृतयः ।
इमं तं मामम्ब त्वमियमनुकम्पार्द्रहृदये
पुनाना सर्वेषामघमथनदर्पं दलयसि ॥ २८ ॥
O kindhearted mother, by purifying me, to redeem whom the various holy places quickly feel ashamed and divinities like Siva put their palms against their ears, you are tearing apart the vanity of all in the task of destroying sins.

श्वपाकानां व्रातैरमितविचिकित्साविचलितैः
विमुक्तानामेकं किल सदनमेनः परिषदाम् ।
अहो मामुद्धर्तुं जननि घटयन्त्याः परिकरम्
तव श्लाघां कर्तुं कथमिव समर्थो नरपशुः ॥ २९ ॥
I am the repository of the whole group of sins which are avoided even by hordes of the dog eating class disturbed by endless doubts. You are preparing yourself to redeem me. How will I, an animal in the form of man, be capable of praising you?

न कोऽप्येतावन्तं खलु समयमारभ्य मिलितो
मदुद्धारादाराद्भवति जगतो विस्मयभरः ।
इतीमामीहां ते मनसि चिरकालं स्थितवतीम्
अयं संप्राप्तोऽहं सफलयितुमम्ब प्रथमतः ॥ ३० ॥
Mother, you have been having this desire for a long time, “From times immemorial can a person be found by redeeming whom the whole world would be amazed?” Now I have come to you as the first person to fulfill your desire. 
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