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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gangalahari (16-18)

गङ्गालहरी (१६-१८)
स्वभावस्वच्छानां सहजशिशिराणामयमपाम्
अपारस्ते मातर्जयति महिमा कोऽपि जगति ।
मुदा यं गायन्ति द्युतलमनवद्यद्युतिभृतः
समासाद्याद्यापि स्पुटपुलकसान्द्राः सगरजाः ॥ १६ ॥
Mother, the indescribable and unlimited glory of your waters which are pure and cool by nature is resplendent
in this world. Sons of Sagara bearing unblemished lustre and having reached heaven joyfully sing your glory even now with their hairs bristling with thrill.

कृतक्षुद्रैनस्कानथ झटिति सन्तप्तमनसः
समुद्धर्तुं सन्ति त्रिभुवनतले तीर्थनिवहाः ।
अपि प्रायश्चित्तप्रसरणपथातीतचरितान्
नरान् दूरीकर्तुं त्वमिव जननि त्वं विजयसे ॥ १७ ॥
Mother, in this world, there are many holy rivers to redeem those who have committed a minor sin and have quickly become regretful. There is no one like you in redeeming those whose sins are beyond redemption. ( literally you are only like yourself.)  

निधानं धर्माणां किमपि च विधानं नवमुदाम्
प्रधानं तीर्थानाममलपरिधानं त्रिजगतः।
समाधानं बुद्धेरथ खलु तिरोधानमधियाम्
श्रियामाधानं नः परिहरतु तापं तव वपुः ॥ १८ ॥
You are the indescribable abode of all dharma’s . You are a means of new happiness. You are the most important of holy waters. You are, as it were, a pure raiment for all the three worlds. You are the solace for the mind. You are the dispeller of bad thoughts. You are the receptacle of wealth. May your body (waters) remove our distress. (Please note the lilting repetition in निधानम्, विधानम्, प्रधानम्, परिधानम्, समाधानम्, तिरोधानम्, आधानम् )
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  1. स्पुटपुलकसान्द्राः should be स्फुटपुलकसान्द्राः ।