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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gangalahari (22-24)

गङ्गालहरी (२२-२४)
नगेभ्यो यान्तीनां कथय तटिनीनां कतमया
पुराणां संहर्तुः सुरधुनि कपर्दोऽधिरुरुहे ।
कया च श्रीभर्तुः पदकमलमक्षालि सलिलैः
तुलालेशो यस्यां तव जननि दीयेत कविभिः ॥ २२ ॥
O River of the Divine Beings! Which one among the rivers that flow from mountains has mounted the matted locks of Siva, the slayer of the (three) cities?  By which river have the lotus-like feet of Vishnu been washed? Could poets compare any such river with even a small part of you?

विधत्तां निःशङ्कं निरवधिसमाधिं विधिरहो
सुखं शेषे शेतां हरिरविरतं नृत्यतु हरः ।
कृतं प्रायश्चित्तैरलमथ तपोदानयजनैः
सवित्री कामानां यदि जगति जागर्ति भवती ॥ २३ ॥
If in this world, you being the fulfiller of desires, are alert then let Brahma enter into eternal meditation without any care; let Vishnu happily sleep on Adisesha; let Siva dance continuously; there is no need for rites of atonement; There is no need for meditation, charity and sacrifice.

अनाथः स्नेहार्द्रां विगलितगतिः पुण्यगतिदाम्
पतन् विश्वोद्भर्त्री गदविदलितः सिद्धभिषजम् ।
सुधासिन्धुं तृष्णाऽकुलितहृदयो मातरमयम्
शिशुः संप्राप्तस्त्वामहमिह विदध्याः समुचितम् ॥ २४ ॥  
I have no protector and you are moist(soft) with love; I have strayed from the path and you provide the pious state; I am fallen and you hold aloft the universe; I am stricken with disease and you are the proven doctor; I am thirsty due  to greed and you are an ocean of ambrosia; I am a child and you are the mother; I have come to you here and now and you do as you deem it proper.
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