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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gangalahari (19-21)

गङ्गालहरी (१९-२१)
पुरो धावं धावं द्रविणमदिराघूर्णितदृशाम्
महीपानां नानातरुणतरखेदस्य नियतम् ।
ममैवायं मन्तुः स्वहितशतहन्तुर्जडधियो
वियोगस्ते मातः यदिह करुणातः क्षणमपि ॥ १९ ॥
Mother, my separation even for a minute from your   compassion is my fault only. Striding in front of kings whose eyes are rolling due to the intoxication of wealth I have a multitude of varied weaknesses. Being a dull headed person, I myself am the hindrance of my welfare. (मन्तुः=fault)  

स्खलत्पांसुव्रातच्छुरणविसरत्कौंकुमरुचि ।
जलं ते जम्बालं मम जननजालं जरयतु ॥ २० ॥
Your waters have the hue of saffron on account of the (floating) pollen of lotuses swinging merrily due to the wind. They are thick with the moss-like agaru dripping from the breasts of divine damsels. May such waters clear in me the morass (of sin) of the web of birth. ( Reference is to divine damsels taking bath in Ganga as a result of which the fragrance of pastes applied on their bodies mingles with water )

समुत्पत्तिः पद्मारमणपदपद्मामलनखात्
निवासः कन्दर्पप्रतिभटजटाजूटभवने ।
अथायं व्यासङ्गो हतपतितनिस्तारणविधौ
न कस्मादुत्कर्षस्तव जननि जागर्तु जगतः ॥ २१ ॥
Mother, you originated from the faultless nail of the lotus-like feet of Vishnu. Your residence is that of Siva who was the enemy of cupid. You are devoted to the act of raising the fallen and the oppressed. How can not your excellence (in the act of saving the fallen and oppressed) wake up the worlds? 
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