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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gangalahari (10-12)

गङ्गालहरी ( १०-१२)
न यत्साक्षाद्वेदैरपि गलितभेदैरवसितम्
न यस्मिञ्जीवानां प्रसरति मनोवागवसरः ।
निराकारं नित्यं निजमहिमनिर्वासिततमो-
-विशुद्धं यत्तत्त्वं सुरतटिनि तत्त्वं न विषयः ॥ १० ॥
O divine river, you are not to be determined by even the Vedas with all their variations removed. You are beyond the grasp of mind and speech of the living. You are that entity which is shapeless, eternal, pure and dispeller of darkness by virtue of its glory. Therefore you are not a worldly object.
(The poet virtually identifies Ganga with Brahman.)

महादानैः ध्यानैर्बहुविधवितानैरपि च यत्
न लभ्यं घोराभिः सुविमलतपोराजिभिरपि ।
अचिन्त्यं तद्विष्णोःपदमखिलसाधारणतया
ददाना केनासि त्वमिह तुलनीया कथय नः ॥ ११ ॥
You grant in a very normal way the abode of Vishnu, which is beyond thought and which is not obtainable through large charities, varied sacrifices, and severe series of pure penances. Tell us, with whom can you be equated!

नृणामीक्षामात्रादपि परिहरन्त्या भवभयम्
शिवायास्ते मूर्तेः क इह महिमानं निगदतु ।
अमर्षम्लानायाः परममनुरोधं गिरिभुवो
विहाय श्रीकण्ठः शिरसि नियतं धारयति याम् ॥ १२ ॥
You are auspicious and you remove the fears of worldly life even for those who look at you. Who in this world could extol your glory? Lord Siva not bothering to appease Parvati who had become pale because of anger carries you on his head permanently.
(Parvati is angry with Siva because of the attention Ganga is getting from Siva and Siva does not seem to care!)  
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